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"Harpoon" Barry Welch
Harpoon Barry began the art of Dermagraphics at the age of 19 years old. Today, he has over 30 years of experience in the tattooing industry.
He has learned from some of the most well known artist know today such as John Stucky, Bob Shaw, and Ken Lang...who lerned from Charlie Wagner, the man to make the first tattoo machine.
"It is the truth that I was drawing before I was able to walk"' recalls Barry. "I credit my mother with being an inspiration to become an artist".
Since that early beginning his creative efforts have branched in several directions. Probaly the most obvious is his tattooing which he has developed into a full-time business on South Padre Island Texas. Located on Padre Blvd, his 14 year business makes him the oldest established tattooing studio on South Padre Island.
" People come in here and they see that is is clean and professional operation, that is why they keep coming back, and why their recommend me to their friends.